Red Flag Sunday
By Fire Chief Sonny Reimold
March 16, 2021

This past Sunday ( March 14th ) the Forestry Division issued a " Red Flag Warning " based on a forecast from the National Weather Service for conditions ideal for wildland fire combustion, and rapid spread. Warm temperatures, very low humidity combined with high or erratic wind conditions made for a busy day thru out the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Lancaster and Chester counties were extremely hard hit with numerous brush fires, many of which ignited structure fires. Station 52 answered 6 alarms for service starting at 11:42 am with a Standby- Transfer of Brush 52 & Engine-Tanker 52 to Station 27 ( Cochranville ). At 11:51, both units were dispatched to assist Station 25
(Longwood ) with a Barn Fire & 4-5 Acres of woods and brush. At 15: 36 Engine-Tanker 52 was sent for a Standby - Transfer to Station 36
( Po-Mar-Lin ). At 15:57, E/T 52 Was dispatched for a brush fire on Embreeville Road in Newlin Township. At 16:22, Engine 521 was dispatched to assist Station 51 ( Bart Township ) with an Outbuilding. The last incident was a trash fire which extended to brush & and wood pile at 35 High Street in Sadsbury Township at 16:43. After an exhausting day, members still worked an additional 2 hours getting
the apparatus cleaned and back in service ( 52 PRIDE ) 21 Members answered the call to duty.