Busy June
By Assistant Fire Chief Sonny Reimold
June 4, 2020

June has started off busy for the Station 52 crew, responding to numerous incidents including three working structure fires within a 24 hour period.
06/02/2020 @ 22:38 Assist Station 23 ( Avondale - Chester County) # 1 Lamp Light Lane, Landenberg Highlands, Franklin Township for the dwelling fire. Arriving units reported fire thru the roof going to the working fire dispatch for additional resources.
Engine 521 w/6 arrived on location @23:00 hours going to work in Division 2 & the attic area with fire suppression/ overhaul clearing the incident @ 06/03/2020 @ 00:13. During this incident 7 members remained on station for any additional incidents.

06/03/2020 @ 09:38 Assist Station 89- Robert Fulton Fire Company # 115 Nottingham Road, Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, for the working dwelling fire in a large single family dwelling. Crews were faced with a fire on all floors & in void spaces finding difficult conditions not only from the confined spaces, but also the humid plus 80 degree day. Two additional Engine companies were requested to supplement the manpower pool. Engine-Tanker 52 responded from the relocate at Station 57 ( Quarryville Fire ) @ 09:38 arriving on location @ 09:56. The 52 crew went to work on the 2nd floor ( Division 2 ) until release @ 10:41

After being released from the Little Britain incident, a large smoke column was noticed in the distance with multiple companies being dispatched for a building fire in Upper Leacock Township. This fire quickly went to the 2nd & 3rd alarm which dispatched Engine-Tanker 52 for response. 06/03/2020 @ 10:56 Assist Station 41- Bird-In-Hand Fire Company # 248 Monterey Road. Arriving on location @ 11:19. Engine-Tanker 52 joined numerous other tankers for the water supply being released @ 12:10